Leony Aprill Password

leony aprill password

leony aprill password

Leony Aprill works hard to keep her body in such amazing condition. She works so hard in fact, that today, while she’s working out with her trainer, she doesn’t even want to take a break to go to the bathroom, and just does a quick squat in the middle of the floor and lets the hot yellow piss run out of her pussy and through her shiny Adidas shorts! Her trainer is horrified, and her friend Defrancesca Gallardo can’t stop laughing. The trainer decides to squat down and observe the damage to her shorts- not only looking but feeling where the piss has leaked through, and all his rubbing gives him a big unmistakable boner that Leony can’t help but notice. To make it up to him, she pulls down his shorts and sucks on his dong for a while. Not wanting to leave out Defrancesca, he goes over and asks her if she wants to join. When she refuses, he decides to make her join in by pissing all over her expensive satin dress, and it does the trick! From then on, the two babes take turns working the dude’s hard prick, while also taking turns pissing and getting pissed on.

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